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Your Mouse is Obsolete

A relatively new startup in the bay, Leap Motion, has been causing a stir as they have unveiled the fruits of this last year's labor - an affordable, fast, motion detection system for the PC and Mac. It has already been hailed as the final blow to the mouse. Since the...

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Hot New Wheels

We recently gave the Spire Tech service vehicle a face lift - it's now emblazoned with our logo. Quite a few people have asked about the skyline and where we got it. The pencil drawing of the iconic Portland skyline was hand drawn by Architect and artist Geoff Parker....

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Seagate Moves to Buy LaCie

 LaCie has a large market share in Europe and Japan, markets Seagate is interested to get their brand into. More of note is LaCie had enjoyed a fruitful relationship with Apple, being the primary pioneer in the use of a new external storage technology,...

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SpireTech Labs review: OnApp

At the 2011 hostingcon conference, we ran into OnApp's mega-booth right as we entered the exhibit hall.  Impressive.  These guys must be big, or well-funded.  They claim to have some fairly large reference customers that we have heard of, so we decided to take a...

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe announced that, along with the release of its new Creative Suite 6 they are offering Adobe Creative Cloud service which offers the use of their product suite on a monthly subscription basis. So, if you only need an adobe product for a temporary project and balk...

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Google Expands Cloud Services

Google has stepped into the cloud storage arena with its new evolution of Google Docs. The service, named Google Drive, comes with 5GB of free space and payment options for up to 16TB of storage in its cloud. The client software offers central storage for documents,...

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Flashback Virus Takes Apple by Storm

Security researchers are trying to get the word out to mac users that the cat is out of the bag: Mac users need to be concerned with viruses as much as anyone else. April saw the largest saturation of mac virus activity ever witnessed, infecting an estimated 600,000...

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The new iPad: owner’s impressions

Windows on an iPad? Ask us how. We thought we'd revisit last month's article about the new iPad (aka the iPad 3) and give our impressions after nearly 30 days of ownership.  Is it worth the $500 (at least) to upgrade?  How did the upgrade experience go?...

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A Lick of Paint

Spire Technologies' offices got a spruce up over the last few weeks with new carpet, floor tiles, and a paint. After a lot of deliberation over color, and a stretch of chaos during the transition, Spire's offices are looking brand spanking new (nothing in the...

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