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End-of-life for Sophos XG Firewall

If you depend on Sophos for your firewall, beware of the end-of-life date on August 17, 2022. On that day, Sophos firewall series XG 85, XG 105 and Sophos Firewall OS v17.5 reaches its end-of-life and will stop receiving security updates. If you are using these models...

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Do Not Open: Phish Inside

There’s been a large increase in SMS-phishing (or short message service) in the past few years.  If you receive a suspicious text, especially one with a link, do not open it. If you do get hacked, report it to your local law enforcement and inform your wireless...

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Top Tech Trends of 2022

Many companies worldwide are scaling up their technical infrastructure to keep up with growing technology trends and demand. To help facilitate this growth, many organizations are seeking the help of a managed services provider. In fact, according to Business Wire,...

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Starlink initial testing results

This week I received delivery of a Starlink for RV’s system, and decided to evaluate if it would work reliably for attending meetings and working from the road. I set the system up and connected my laptop wifi to it, and attended several hours of meetings with video,...

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