The previous 2 articles were written with the assistance of AI

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Upcoming Tech

This article is about the use of AI in content creation. The previous two articles (The latest Threat to your Computer, CISA: Don’t use single-factor auth) were written with the assistance of artificial intelligence, and this one will be as well. Artificial intelligence can help to increase your blog post production by generating more content for you at a faster rate than you could do it alone.  

The Jarvis AI first scans the title and description and determines the main point, summarizing it in a few sentences before using those to write its own post.  It also inserts relevant keywords and synonyms throughout to improve SEO.  The system is built on top of Google Cloud Natural Language API, but the team did not provide much detail how it works exactly.   

Microsoft is using AI in its products as well.  For example, Microsoft 365 uses AI to provide a more personalized experience for its users. PowerPoint uses AI to fix your presentations for you.  It would be very powerful if Microsoft built an AI-assisted writing tool into Word. 

Is what you are reading written by a human or AI?  You won’t be able to tell, and usually the AI does a better job.  Scan the previous two articles – they were nearly 100% written by AI.  As with all technology, it must be used wisely. Always check the output to make sure that out of date information hasn’t been included.