Ransomware education and mentoring

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Security, Business, Managed Services

Some of our employees just returned from a training session in Denver, CO – the first time we’ve attended such an event in person since Early 2020.  Most of the discussion revolved around security and the persistent threat of ransomware. 

We heard first-hand experiences from others that have been the victim of ransomware attacks.  Ransomware is devastating to any business, and is certainly top of mind for us.  While our basic managed services package includes Sophos Intercept X, which does well at stopping ransomware, we need to do more.  Behind the scenes, we’ve been taking actions to increase our security posture and better protect our clients.  In the coming months, we’ll be introducing additional security services to help keep our clients safe and secure – while at the same time increasing our readiness in case of an incident.   

IT security is becoming more of an issue for insurance coverage, renewals, and large clients of our clients.  Insurers are becoming more sophisticated in response to large ransomware payouts.  Certain industry and government standards require higher levels of compliance and security.  We recommend all our clients carry cyber insurance (discounts are available through our insurer while you are a VIPSupport client).  Are you getting asked IT questions by your insurance carrier or prospective clients?  We’re seeing this more and more. 

This is the new reality – we’ll always need to do more, invest in new tools, and adapt to new threats.  The only constant is change.  If you are concerned about security and want to level up your preparedness, let us know.