Celebrating our wins

by | May 10, 2021 | Company News and Announcements, Cloud

Our team has refined the process of migrating systems from on-premises Active directory servers to Azure AD quite well.  We’re liberating our clients from the bounds of the office, removing legacy file servers, and enabling employees to work from anywhere.  We can’t name clients here – but there are many more employees now enjoying the benefits of the modern workplace.

From an IT management perspective, there are a couple of key technologies enabling this transition.  We’ve written about them before: one is Azure AD (Active Directory), the other is Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly known as Intune).  Perhaps some explanation is order about why computer geeks (and any business owner that cares about security) thinks these things are cool.

When you purchase a new windows computer, your employees login to the initial setup screen using their company email address.  No IT person has to touch the computer – Microsoft Endpoint manager will install your required business software, setup email accounts, and link to your company SharePoint libraries with OneDrive.

The computer is now secured by Active directory, and any files you had in OneDrive will come down automatically.  We also automatically install our anti-virus and IT management tools.  Employees can work from anywhere, and access to normal office applications and company files is secured automatically.

Of course, this requires some setup – but once it’s functioning correctly it can be quite liberating for everyone involved.  We hope you will consider the modern workplace for your computing environment.  Let us know if you’d like a demonstration.