SpireTech now offering M365 Security Essentials Pack

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Office 365, Company News and Announcements, Security

SpireTech Managed Services clients are now able to purchase a security essentials add-on for Microsoft 365 offered by SpireTech.  This add-on, based on powershell and services running in Microsoft Azure, enables additional security features designed to continuously enhance your security on Microsoft 365. These features do not require additional Microsoft licensing to function. 

  • Real time location monitoring
     We monitor the login locations for every sign in, and alert on activities outside of expected regions. 

  • External forward monitoring
     We monitor automatic forwarding rules. A common tactic employed by hackers to exfiltrate data. 

  • Mailbox auditing
     Logs actions taken by users in their and other’s mailboxes. 

  • M365 License tracker
     Get notified every time a license is added or removed from your account, and receive a monthly report of all licenses, use, and assignments. 

  • Email Spoofing Protection
     Get a warning when an external user attempts to impersonate any internal user, including managers. 

  • Monthly Security Report
     A detailed report of several key system and security aspects of your M365 tenant. A necessity for regulated industries, and great peace of mind for everyone else. 

  • Admin role tracking
     Office 365 Admin role changes are monitored and reported daily. Get alerted if a hacker has added themselves. 

  • External Sender Warnings
     Adds a banner message to emails that come from outside the company. 

  • Audit Logging
     Logging and auditing is enabled across all Office 365 services and mailboxes. 

  • MFA Secured
     Multi-factor authentication is enabled and enforced for all users. 

  • Professional Management
     SpireTech monitors and manages your M365 tenant, keeping you up to date on all the latest security and productivity best practices. 

Full details about our Security Essentials pack are available on our Microsoft 365 page at https://spiretech.com/microsoft-365/  Please let us know if you have questions or would like to subscribe.