Microsoft Windows 10: Update Issues with “Fall Creator”

by | Dec 9, 2017 | Managed Service Client updates, Windows

Microsoft regularly releases annual updates to their current operating system, this year it is known as the Fall Creators update (Build 1709).

As more machines are being updated with this release SpireTech’s support specialists have noticed a trend in calls reporting Windows 10 system instabilities.

Some of the concerns that SpireTech is aware of include:

  • Update causes Remote Desktop (RDP) to stop functioning
  • AutoDesk software becoming unstable after the update and frequently crashing
  • Various printer vendors are working to update drivers to support Microsoft’s changes
  • Microsoft .Net Framework packages have become unstable and seem to be causing software crashes
  • Microsoft Office365 Users have reported being unable to install some other software applications if the Office suite software is running at the time

SpireTech’s VIP Managed Service customers, who have their patches managed by Spire, don’t need to be concerned about these issues as this update patch will be deferred until it can appropriately be applied.

For the time being, we are advising users to temporarily delay the update to build 1709 while compatibility issues are worked out by different software vendors.

If you are running a home edition of Windows there is currently not an easy way to guarantee the Fall Creator will not be automatically installed.  However, if you are prompted you can usually hit escape and close the update dialog to prevent it from being installed. For Professional and Enterprise editions of Windows you can click the start button, then search for settings, then click on “Update & Security.” From there click on the blue advanced options button, then change the “Current Branch” drop down to “Current Branch for Business” This should prevent the update until it is tested further.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 503-222-3086