PortlandCloud v5.0 Upgrade

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Company News and Announcements, Cloud, Spire Internet Announcements

The latest update to our PortlandCloud.com portal brings a whole new look to CTERA’s hybrid cloud appliances, and several new features to cloud drive! Here are some of the highlights:

All-New User Interface

User Interface
Snazzy new interface with HTML-5 goodness.

The entire user interface has been redesigned with mobile and touch interfaces in mind. It will scale to fit your screen and present the most information to you regardless of whether your on your office computer or working on your phone or tablet. The CTERA mobile app for Android and iPhone has also been updated to bring your experience up to date regardless of how you access the portal.

Online File Preview

AutoCAD "color wheel" in-browser preview
AutoCAD “color wheel” drawing browser preview

Cloud drive now lets you view all types of Office documents, CAD files, DICOM medical imaging files, and image files in your browser without having to download huge files and open up slow-to-load editing programs. The builtin lightweight previewer will allow you to see changes at a glance saving you valuable time.

Drag & Drop Upload to Cloud Drive

Drag & Drop

Next up is the ability to drag and drop files or whole folders from your machine up to the cloud drive from within your browser of choice! This is perfect if you’re on a personal device that isn’t normally connected to the office network, and doesn’t have the backup agent installed, but you still have important documents that need to be uploaded and saved to the cloud. Simply access the portal website, log in to your device and upload the files to your share, all without having to download the agent.

Faster Cloud Backup and Sync 

Business-class cloud drive speeds

Keep your files safe on the go with our Cloud Backup Agent. It will automatically run every day and allow central management of all your backups, both in the office and the field.  Keep your work accessible on the go by syncing just the folders related to the job with your private cloud portal, and collaborate with other employees, partners, and vendors.

If you have any questions regarding the upgrade or new features, please contact us today!