Your Mouse is Obsolete

by | Jun 6, 2012 | Hardware, Upcoming Tech

A relatively new startup in the bay, Leap Motion, has been causing a stir as they have unveiled the fruits of this last year’s labor – an affordable, fast, motion detection system for the PC and Mac. It has already been hailed as the final blow to the mouse. Since the release of Minority Report there has been a fascination with motion detection user input. Developers instantly saw it’s ability to change the way we interact with and control electronics. Nintendo struck the first blow with the Wii gaming console which detects the motion of a remote. Then, Microsoft released the Kinect for XBox, their gaming console, which can detect the motion of an arm or a leg. Leap Motion is 100 times more accurate, seeing details down to the movement of a single finger. They claim it will be the most accurate sensor available on the market.